Young Widows Advancement Program (YWAP) exists to assists young widows and orphans live long prosperous lives through psychosocial, socio-legal and socio-economic support. YWAP runs a Centre for widows and orphans in Kayole Nairobi, Kenya. These widows lose their matrimonial homes and property after the death of the husband. Kayole being moderate slum estate, most widows who lose their matrimonial homes tend to end up in Kayole.

Our Values, Practices and Beliefs

  • We believe in building the capacity of widows for the growth of her spirit and potential
  • We believe in the women’s ability to successfully run and manage the family’s wealth for the welfare of that family.
  • Value a productive and healthy family life for all members
  • Support the engagement of member’s potential and exploitation of their talents for their benefits.
  • We believe in togetherness, (When women work together, they achieve a lot.)
  • We practice solidarity in times of trouble and in peaceful times.

YWAP Activities

YWAP intervention is the use of programmatic activities to strengthen young widows’ sexual, property and inheritance rights and access as a means of mitigating HIV/AIDS impact.These activities entail:


  • Advocacy to raise awareness through group discussions and informational materials distribution and public outreaches.
  • Paralegal services through community-based volunteers.
  • Rescue center services where widows eat and stay if they need a place
  • Bereavement counseling helping widows and orphans cope with grief and other challenges of life that face them after the loss of a husband
  • Experience sharing for widows through monthly group therapies; where widows are enlighten on their inheritance rights and assisted with relevant tools to help her go for it.
  • Legal redress succession process, succession planning through memory books to prepare families to write wills that cushion widows and orphans from property disinheritance.
  • filling and filing P&A forms for husbands benefits
  • Engaging widows in income generation activities among others
  • Post Abortion care


From the discussions the following recommendations were identified as major issues affecting the CBOS operations. Also to form a networking Alliance of 40 CBOs to address the issues including similar issues affecting self-help groups and FBOs, The main Issues identified included;

  1. Legal defense/advocacy for CBOs in Siaya
  2. Training on CBOs rights
  3. Recommendation for fundraising
  4. Coordination to be done on a rotational basis
  5. The Alliance to help the CBOs to enlarge their networks, know each other’s as individual group, their strength and capacity;
  6. Also help in preventing/reducing external challenges affecting the work of CBOs and propose conflict resolutions between CBOs and government.

Resolutions for the Alliance

The meetings resolved that the alliance be called Siaya County CBO Network Alliance abbreviated as SCNA. That the network will have an operational framework called the Siaya CBO Network Alliance Constitution. That SCNA will also form a body to guide the conduct of CBOs in Siaya, champion the rights of CBOs and unite CBOs in the county to speak with one voice on cross cutting issues. Urgently mobilize resource for supporting CBOs who need legal recourse

Members unanimously agreed to register the Network Alliance as; “SIAYA COUNTY CBO NETWORK ALLIANCE” with the Ministry of Labour and East African Affairs, department of Social Gender Office

So by these processes the Siaya CBO Networking Alliance was formed and registered